Wasp Nest Removal in Chadwell Heath

Wasp Nest Removal

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About Wasps

• Yellow and black stripes bodies
• 10-15mm long (Worker wasp)
• 20mm long (Queen wasp)

The first sighting of a wasp will be around April time, usually the solitary queen looking for a suitable nest site. Once the site has been found she starts to build a nest and produce workers (sterile females) who take charge of the nest and eggs.

The nest grows throughout the summer and the queen continues to lay eggs producing workers until producing a final batch which are fertile males and females (queens).

The males and young queens mate, the males die off at the end of autumn along with the founder queen, the young fertilised queens go into hibernation and start the cycle again the following spring.

Depending on where the nest is located we treat wasp nests with an insecticide spray or insecticide dust formulation.
If the nest is accessible it is sprayed and removed. If we cannot reach the nest it would be dusted from the outside, the entering wasps take the dust formulation into the nest and the colony is killed off.
Wasps never use old nests, if it is not causing an obstruction it is quite safe to leave it where it is.

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