Q: We have fleas in the carpets and have been treating our cat with a product from our local vet. Will the infestation disappear if we keep treating the cat?
A: No, there will be hundreds of eggs, larvae and pupae in the carpets. All the floor areas will need spraying with a residual insecticide. The insecticide will not penetrate and kill the egg or pupae stage of the life cycle initially, but as they hatch as adult fleas, the residual insecticide will eventually kill them and break the breeding cycle.

Q: Will the insecticide spray stain or damage my carpets?
A: No the residual insecticide does not smell or stain once it has dried.

Q: Will your baits clear my rats or mice immediately?
A: No, rodents can feed on the rodenticide bait for three to four days. After this period of time the product will have built up in their system and cause a quick and humane death.

Q: Do we have to leave the property once you have sprayed it?
A: It is not necessary for you to leave the property when we are spraying the carpets and floors against fleas or moth. We ask you do not touch the floors until they are dry and keep foot wear on. If we need to use a back up treatment (ultra low volume machine) to apply a knock down insecticide, then you will need to be out of the property for two hours.

Q: Do your technicians carry identification or picture ID?
A: All our technicians are provided with identification photo cards and should produce them when they are asked

Q: Are your products the same as the public can buy in the supermarket?
A: No, all our products are for professional use only. We have to be qualified to apply all chemicals that we use and keep in stock. All our staff are fully trained and attend continuous training courses throughout the year.