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Bed Bug Control Harold Wood

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Welcome to Pest Control Harold Wood We can help with all your Bed Bug Control Problems for both domestic and Commercial customers.

Pest Control Harold Wood is committed to providing an efficient and dependable Bed Bug Control and prevention service in Harold Wood. We aim to provide a safe working environment for our customers whilst complying with legislative and audit requirements.

We have gained many customers through recommendations over the years, both from the commercial and domestic market in Harold Wood for Bed Bug Control.
St George’s Pest Control Ltd is a member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and has several accreditations including CHAS, Construction line, Safe Contractor, CSCS and have been approved by the Essex County Council – Buy with Confidence scheme.

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About Bed Bugs

• 6mm long resembling a small brown disc
• Oval flattened body and wingless
• Young nymphs resemble the adult and grow by moulting
• Bedbugs feed on blood


Bed bugs lay eggs (1mm oval and sticky) in cracks and crevices near to a host. Once hatched the young nymphs need to feed on blood at each growing (moulting) stage before reaching adulthood.

Female bedbugs lay up to 5 eggs a day which hatch after a period of 6 to 15 days depending on temperature.

Bedbugs hide in mattresses, on bed frames, behind picture frames, skirting boards and light switches, emerging at night to feed on a warm blooded host.

Feeding usually takes place in the early hours of the morning, with adult bedbugs feeding on average every 3 to 5 nights.

Fully-grown bed bugs can endure starvation for up to a year in some cases.


Application of insecticide to the bed, furniture and the whole room including curtains, skirting boards and behind picture frames. Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate as the adults hide deep in their harbourages and the egg cases cannot be penetrated by the insecticide.

To ensure a thorough treatment the bed must be stripped and the mattress moved, all bedside furniture and wardrobes emptied and the room cleared as much as possible.

After the initial spray treatment the affected room should be heated to encourage the eggs to hatch and for the residual insecticide to take effect. A 2nd treatment is repeated after 2 weeks

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